"The machine Mat Fraser 5 x CrossFit Games Champion wishes he knew sooner in his career is the Stairmaster"

- Mat Fraser says in this tour of his home gym

Mat Fraser is the most successful male athlete in the history of the CrossFit Games, winning five consecutive titles from 2016-2020. He knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in this gruelling competition, and he believes that using a Stairmaster provides some of the best cardiovascular training out there.

"In my opinion, it is the best tool" - Mat Fraser talking about the Stair Climber

According to Fraser, the Stairmaster is a great tool for building endurance and improving overall conditioning. It requires you to engage multiple muscle groups while working at a high intensity, which is crucial for developing the stamina needed to thrive in CrossFit competitions. Additionally, using a Stairmaster regularly can help increase your aerobic capacity and boost your VO2 max, leading to better performance and faster recovery times.

Watch this clip of Mat Fraser giving a tour of his home gym and literally saying he wished he knew about the Stairmaster sooner in his career despite being the fittest man in history & a 5x Back-to-Back CrossFit Games Champion.

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