Stair climbers are an excellent addition to any fitness regimen, offering a potent combination of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and calorie burning. The innovative, compact design of STEPR makes it the best stairmaster for home workouts, perfect for homes, apartments, or basements. Stair climbers simulate the action of climbing stairs, one of the most efficient and effective workouts available. According to Dr. Andrew Huberman, “the scientific data tell us that we should all be getting a minimum of 150 to 200 minutes per week of Zone 2 cardio for the sake of cardiovascular health, cerebrovascular health, and a number of other aspects of health that are important for healthspan and lifespan.”


Understanding Stair-Climber Terminology

Before diving into the specifics, let's clarify some common terms you'll encounter when shopping for a stair climber:

Console: This is the stair climber's command center, displaying workout data such as time, steps per minute, total steps, calories burned, and heart rate. The STEPR+ has a 27” HD Touchscreen and features a unique 360º rotating & pivoting screen function, a patent-pending technology that allows the console to turn in almost any direction. This innovative design greatly enhances user interaction and convenience, making it easy to view the console from different angles while using the machine, and as a bonus, even when off the machine. Whether adjusting the screen for better visibility during workouts or swivelling it to engage with the on-demand classes and content, the 360º feature adds a significant level of flexibility to your fitness routine. The touch screen console comes equipped with advanced entertainment and streaming options, enabling users to access their favorite streaming services directly through the touchscreen interface. Enjoy access to Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Spotify, Paramount+, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more! This integration allows for an entertaining and motivating experience during workouts, as users can watch TV shows, listen to music, or participate in guided workout sessions. The robust entertainment features of the STEPR machines make them an excellent choice for those looking to make their workouts more enjoyable and dynamic.

Handles: These provide stability and balance during your workouts as well as easy and quick controls of the stair climber with speed, start, stop, and pause functions.

Stairs: The part of the stair climber you'll be stepping on is crucial to your workout experience. The size and mechanics of these steps can vary significantly between models, with some designed to mimic the feel of real stairs and others using pedals. A key feature to consider is whether the steps have a 'floating step' design or a fixed end:

Floating Step Design: A standout feature of all STEPR stair climbers, the floating step design does not confine the foot to a fixed area on each step. Instead, it allows users to place their foot partially below the edge of the step above. This flexibility accommodates the majority of foot sizes more comfortably, allowing for more natural foot placement. The added space can make the workout feel less restrictive and more comfortable, especially for users with larger feet or those who prefer a more adaptable stepping experience. By incorporating this design in all their models, STEPR ensures a more inclusive and versatile workout option, catering to a wider range of users and preferences.


Fixed End Steps: Vice versa, a fixed step design has a tendency to either push back or squash a user's toe if they place it too far toward the front edge of the step trying to get their foot on it. This leads to a very uncomfortable and less than ideal workout experience. While some other brands may offer fixed end steps, they might not accommodate larger feet or varying foot positions as effectively.

Safety Measures: Includes features like emergency stop buttons, handrails, and textured steps to prevent slipping. Some stair climbers have a safety infrared sensor at the bottom for added peace of mind and/or an auto-sensing feature that can tell if someone is on the unit or not, safely stopping when it detects no user on it. Safety is paramount, especially for intense workouts. You can rest assured with STEPR we include all of these safety features.

Transport Wheels: Some models include wheels for easy movement, allowing you to store your stair climber when not in use or move it to different locations within your home. STEPR has 2 transport handles that help to manoeuvre the equipment with ease and also a patent-pending feature you won’t find anywhere else.


Footprint of Stair Climbers

Ideal stair climber dimensions will depend on your available space. For home use, consider a machine that is compact yet stable. Can it pass through regular doorways and is it usable in a standard home with 8ft ceilings? STEPR's innovative design has a compact footprint of 3.5 ft. L x 2.3 ft. W, which is smaller than your average yoga mat or treadmill. This efficient use of space ensures that STEPR stair climbers can fit into smaller areas while still providing a robust and effective workout, making them an ideal solution for those with limited space.

Height to Second Step: This measure is crucial for safety and ease of use, especially in homes with ceiling heights around 8 feet. Look for a stair climber where the second step is no higher than 20 inches off the ground to ensure most users can step on safely without the risk of hitting their head on the ceiling.


Steps should be wide and long enough to accommodate your entire foot, usually around 22 inches wide and 8-10 inches deep, for stability and safety.

Step-on Height: The height of the first step should be low enough to easily mount the machine, typically 4-6 inches. Stair climbers using a ‘Floating Step’ design, allow for extra depth on the stairs. Your foot won’t get pushed back or toe crushed by the fold that most stair climbers have.

Recommended Measures for Home or Basement

 Considering the average ceiling height is 8 feet, choose a stair climber that, even at its highest step, allows a clearance of at least 6 inches above the user’s head. This ensures safe use without the risk of injury.

Stair-Climber Speed and Resistance Levels

 Speed and resistance are critical for varying workout intensity. Speeds can range from 20 to 150 steps per minute (STEPR PRO up to ain impressive190 SPM), catering to both beginners and experienced athletes. Resistance levels should offer a wide range to progressively challenge your strength and endurance over time.

Automated Stair-Climber Workouts with Built-In Workouts

 Look for stair climbers with pre-set workout programs that challenge your fitness levels and keep your routines engaging. These automated workouts can simulate hill climbing, intervals, or endurance training, offering a comprehensive workout at the touch of a button.

STEPR On-Demand Classes

STEPR takes your stair climbing experience to the next level with on-demand instructor-led workouts. This feature provides access to a library of trainer-led sessions that can be streamed directly to your STEPR console, offering personalized fitness experiences that cater to your goals, mood, and schedule. Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity session or a beginner-friendly workout, STEPR's on-demand options ensure there’s always a new challenge waiting for you. No Membership or subscription is required to access the STEPR Platform with on-demand classes and entertainment.

Other Factors to Consider

Do you want entertainment whilst stepping or are you happy to go without? Classic or LED units will mean you’ll need to find your own entertainment options whereas connected models allow you to pass the time seemingly faster by giving you streaming options to pass the time.

Warranty and Extras: Warranty is another huge factor, also the ability to upgrade a manufacturer's warranty giving you peace of mind your investment into a stair climber is sound and will be with you for the long run. Seemingly small things such as water bottle holders, multiple speed controls, and handles all count when it comes to stair climbers so ensure you don’t brush over these features either.

Choosing the Right Unit: Finally, you would need to consider the type of unit you prefer, a STEPR design for home use with our innovative ‘fit anywhere promise’ designed to go through regular doorways and a standard 8ft ceiling height or a larger STEPR PRO with higher steps, faster SPM options, and a larger commercial-grade frame.

Choosing the right stair climber involves understanding not just the specifications but also how it fits into your lifestyle and fitness aspirations. By considering the terminologies, measures, speed, resistance, and workout options like those offered by STEPR, you're well on your way to selecting a machine that not only fits into your home but also inspires you to reach new fitness heights.



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