Stair climbing is a fantastic workout on its own, but did you know that you can spice up your routine with some creative step variations? Hi, I'm Coach Natalia, and I'm here to guide you through several fun and engaging variations that you can incorporate into your workouts using your STEPR machine. These variations not only add excitement to your sessions but also help target different muscle groups, enhancing the effectiveness of your workouts.

Getting Started

Before we dive into the specific variations, I recommend starting off slowly. Familiarize yourself with each new movement at a comfortable pace, and as you gain confidence, you can begin to add more speed and intensity to each variation.

Step Variations on Your STEPR

1. Double Step This is a basic yet effective way to increase the intensity of your workout. Begin by stepping two steps at a time, which increases leg muscle engagement and boosts cardiovascular effort.

2. Double Step with a Kickback Add a little flair to the double step by incorporating a kickback with each step. This move targets the glutes and hamstrings more intensely, enhancing lower body strength and definition.

3. Low Squat Walks Utilize the handles on your STEPR to perform low squat walks. This movement emphasizes the quads and helps in building lower body strength. The lower you squat, the more intense the workout for your thighs.

4. Step with Calf Raise Combine a regular step with a calf raise at the end of each step. This variation is excellent for targeting the calf muscles, adding a toning effect to the regular cardiovascular benefits of stair climbing.

5. Step with Knee Drive Increase the intensity by adding a knee drive after each step. You can perform this variation with or without holding onto the handles, depending on your balance and confidence level.

6. Step with a Twist Add a twist to the knee drive to engage your core and obliques. This not only helps in toning your waistline but also improves balance and coordination.

7. Crossover Steps Perform crossover steps by placing your feet diagonally across the steps. This can be done facing forward or to the side, helping to engage the outer and inner thigh muscles.

8. Lateral Steps with a Side Kick Incorporate a side kick with lateral steps to target your outer thighs and glutes. This variation adds a dynamic movement that challenges your balance and enhances agility.

9. Hinged Forward Step Imagine performing a deadlift on each step. Keep your back flat and hinge at the hips, which activates the muscles in your lower back and hamstrings. You can add a back kick to increase the complexity and effectiveness of this move.

10. Back Kick with Attitude Finish strong with a back kick that includes a pointed toe. This playful movement not only targets your posterior chain but also adds a fun and stylish element to your workout.


These step mill stair climber step variations are designed to keep your workouts fresh, challenging, and enjoyable. By integrating these moves into your routine, you can ensure that your sessions on the STEPR are not just about climbing up and down but also about building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Remember to have fun, stay fit, and as always, take the stairs!

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