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We’re excited to enhance your fitness journey by introducing an innovative range of bootcamp sessions to the STEPR Platform. These sessions are tailored to maximize the potential of your STEPR stair-climber, combining intense cardio workouts with strength training and endurance exercises to transform your routine. Don't you know what is the STEPR Platform? Check out this video!

Expanding the Capabilities of Your STEPR Stair-Climber

The STEPR stair-climber is more than just a cardio machine; it’s a gateway to a versatile workout experience. With the addition of bootcamp sessions, we’re unlocking new possibilities to use your stair-climber for comprehensive fitness training. These classes are structured to leverage the unique capabilities of the STEPR stair-climber, ensuring you can enjoy a full-body workout with just one machine.

Why Bootcamp Sessions on STEPR?

1. Dynamic Workout Combinations Our bootcamp sessions incorporate a mix of high-intensity stair climbing, dynamic body movements, and resistance training, all designed to provide a balanced workout that stimulates muscle growth, enhances cardiovascular health, and boosts metabolism.


2. Anchor Points If you haven't already used them, the anchor points are the key for the bootcamp sessions. Along with the ultimate accessory pack, you are unlocking the true potential of your STEPR



3. Designed for All Levels Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, our bootcamp classes are adaptable to any fitness level. Coaches provide modified options and intensity adjustments to make sure everyone from beginners to advanced can challenge themselves safely and effectively.

4. Expert Guidance Each session is led by certified STEPR coaches who specialize in creating engaging and effective workouts. As discussed in our previous blog post "What to Expect in a HIIT Class on STEPR", our coaches are adept at pushing you to your limits in a supportive and motivating environment.

5. Flexibility and Convenience As with all our offerings on the STEPR platform, these bootcamp sessions are available on-demand. You can easily fit a comprehensive workout into your schedule at home, without the need to visit a gym. This flexibility ensures you stay consistent with your fitness goals.

Getting Started with STEPR Bootcamps

To join our bootcamp sessions, simply log in to your STEPR account and navigate to the bootcamp section. If you’re new to STEPR, contact us and discover how we can transform your workout routine.


The addition of bootcamp sessions to the STEPR platform is part of our commitment to providing innovative and effective fitness solutions that meet the needs of our users. Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness level or find new ways to challenge yourself, our bootcamp sessions are here to help you achieve more with every workout.

Get ready to step up your fitness game with STEPR Bootcamps! Here's a sneak pick on how they will look like! 


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