STEPR Connectivity

Stepmills are machines designed to simulate the motions of stair climbing, offering an effective way to get in a cardio workout while also building strength and endurance. They come in a variety of styles and configurations, including traditional stairclimbers, elliptical-type machines with moving handles, and hybrid steppers that combine different types of movements to create a more varied workout.

But what really sets STEPR apart is their ability to connect you seamlessly with other fitness apps like Zwift, Strava, Apple Health or the ability to connect with other users and share your records and goals. Whether it's syncing your heart rate monitor with your favorite app for tracking your progress over time or connecting with other users for social motivation and support, STEPR offer a wealth of options for staying on top of your fitness goals.

So whether you're looking to build up your stamina, improve your cardiovascular health, or simply stay motivated and connected with other fitness enthusiasts, STEPR is the perfect Stairmaster to help you achieve your goals and never miss a step along the way.

On-demand classes in STEPR app

On-demand fitness classes offer a convenient and accessible way to get in a workout anytime. With options for every type of exercise, these classes can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals no matter what they may be.

What really sets on-demand classes apart is their ability to be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you want a quick 30-minute session or a more intense hour-long workout, there are plenty of options available that can fit into even the busiest schedule. And with online programs that let you stream workouts right on the 27" screen, on-demand classes make it easy to squeeze in a sweat session whenever and wherever you need

Custom Workouts in STEPR app

With its simple user interface and responsive design, the STEPR app makes it easy to build your own custom workout in just a few clicks. Simply select a type of exercise from a variety of options then choose from different difficulty levels and time frames depending on what works best for your needs.

Whether you're just getting started with your fitness journey or are an experienced gym-goer looking for new ways to challenge yourself, STEPR's customizable workouts offer endless possibilities for creating the perfect workout routine for your goals and needs. And with access to instructional videos and ongoing support from a community of fellow fitness enthusiasts, you can be sure that you're always on track with your training.

Step up to a new world of cardio

Are you ready to take the next step in your home cardio training and achieve more results in less time?

Combining the latest in connected fitness with an exhilarating workout experience, the STEPR is your next generation stair climber. 

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