Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! STEPR's here, bringing you an up-close and personal look into the world of one of our dynamic coaches, Hannah Blair. With the energy and charisma you've come to expect from STEPR, we're ready to rock your world. So, lace up and let’s dive in!

Q: First things first, who is Hannah Blair?

I am a woman on a mission. Helping people change their lives to be healthier, happier and move better. In my spare time I love doing puzzles, eating good food and going to the beach.

Q: Stair-climbing, Hannah. Why this challenge?

I love doing hard things... and stair-climbing is hard let me tell you! I'm always looking for something to challenge me and compliment my training and that's exactly what it does.

Q: Talk to us about your training style.

I currently do CrossFit and compete in local competitions. Training between 6-8 times per week with a mix of functional movements, cardio and weightlifting.

Q: Being a STEPR Coach - what’s that feel like?

I love connecting with people. For me this is a way to encourage others and have fun while doing it.

Q: Beyond stepping, what gets you moving?

Outside of stepping, my own training and work, I don't have time for many other activities. I walk my dogs twice per day and try to get a swim in the ocean when I can. Also being a trainer and stretching coach, I find stretching an important part of my recovery

Q: Desert island - one item. Go!

Are dogs an item? Because I wouldn't be able to live without them 😂

Alright, STEPR family! There you have it – an insight into the powerhouse that is Hannah Blair. Every step, every challenge, every triumph embodies the relentless drive you’ve come to expect from STEPR. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s conquer those stairs and keep pushing those limits. Because in the world of STEPR, it’s always about bringing it, every single day. BRING IT ON!

Do you want to see how a class from Hannah looks like? Check this out! 👇👇


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