Looking for a challenging workout that is perfect for boosting your fitness levels? Look no further than a HIIT stairmaster workout! This workout incorporates several different types of exercise, including slow steps and fast steps to help you get your heart pumping and tone your muscles.

So if you're looking to build strength, improve endurance, and burn calories fast, give a hiit workout a try today!

Step onto the stairmaster and begin with slow steps, gradually increasing your pace to level 3. Maintain this pace for 1 minute before moving on to fast steps, which should be performed at a level of 10. Repeat this sequence several times to reach a 10 minutes Stairmaster workout, taking short breaks as needed in between sets.

Warm Up

During a stairmaster workout, it is important to start off with a warm up to help prepare your body for the intense workout ahead. This can include simple movements like stretching or light cardio, and should be performed at an easy pace before gradually building intensity.


Slow Steps

Maintaining a slow and controlled pace can help you get the most out of your workout. So take your time and focus on performing each step with proper form and control, and you'll be on your way to achieving all of your workout goals!

Fast steps

Fast steps are an important part of any stairmaster workout, helping to elevate your heart rate and tone your muscles. Increase your pace and try to maintain a consistent rhythm throughout the exercice.


The full workout will look like this:

  1. Warm Up - Level 2 (30sec.)
  2. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  3. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  4. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  5. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  6. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  7. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  8. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  9. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  10. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  11. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  12. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)
  13. Fast steps - Level 10 (30sec.)
  14. Slow steps - Level 3 (1 min.)

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