Having a Stairmaster is perfect fitness equipment for your weight loss journey at home. It provides more calorie burn than simple walking or running for low and medium-intensity training. Also, it causes a low impact on your joints. Here, you will know everything before buying a STEPR.

Types of Stair Climber:

STEPR Stepmill

A stepmill is a specialized type of stair climber that mimics the experience of climbing actual staircase steps.

Pedal Stair Climbers

Some stair climbers have pedals that can be used to pedal the machine, similar to an exercise bike. This adds a lower body workout to the already intense upper body workout provided by regular stair climbers.


Mini-steppers are smaller, compact versions of stair climbers that often only have one pedal instead of two. They provide a similar workout but take up less space and tend to be more affordable.

Things to take into account:


STEPR is the first Stepmill to offer on-demand classes and access to your favourite apps such as Netflix, Disney +, Garmin...

Assembly and maintenance

STEPR is an very easy-to-build stairmaster. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and use safety precautions when assembling it, such as wearing proper protective gear. Maintenance require periodic lubrication and tightening of bolts or screws.

Space and storage

Stair climbers can be bulky and take up space in the home, so it is important to measure the available space before purchasing. Having say that, STEPR is an space-saver stepmill. Built to fit in almost any space, you just need a 8 ft. to ensure steprs have adequate headroom.


STEPR offers 12 months Limited Home Use Warranty:

-12 months of coverage on parts and labor, fully covering the touchscreen and most original STEPR components.

-5 years of coverage on the STEPR frame.

Step up to a new world of cardio

Are you ready to take the next step in your home cardio training and achieve more results in less time?

Combining the latest in connected fitness with an exhilarating workout experience, the STEPR is your next generation stair climber. 

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