Hello STEPRs! Dan here, co-founder of STEPR, and today we're shining the spotlight on a crucial aspect of our beloved STEPR – safety. When we set out to design the STEPR, ensuring your well-being was our top priority. Join me as I walk you through the multiple layers of safety that we've meticulously incorporated into every inch of the STEPR unit.

The Console

Let's kick things off with the console, the nerve center of your STEPR experience. We've made it super user-friendly, but we haven't skimped on safety features. Right on the console, you'll find two essential functions: "End Session" and "Pause." These functions give you control over your workout, allowing you to stop or pause your session whenever you need.


Emergency Stop Buttons

Moving down the list, we arrive at what we call the dual stop buttons, which are essentially our emergency stop buttons. There's not one but two of them – one located at the top of the unit and another discreetly positioned at the rear. This redundancy ensures that you're covered from any angle, and in case of an emergency, stopping the STEPR is a breeze.

Safety at Your Fingertips

Now, let's talk about the handles. We've integrated a "Stop" and a "Pause" function right here. Why? Because we want you to have control right at your fingertips, quite literally. You shouldn't have to reach for safety features during your intense workout – they should be right where you need them.

Step-Off Safety

But we didn't stop there. Imagine you need to step off the unit briefly. No problem! The STEPR has got your back. If you step off, the unit stops immediately. This feature not only ensures your safety but also makes hopping on and off the STEPR a breeze, should you need to take a breather or attend to something quickly.

Rear Safety Sensor

Lastly, at the rear of the unit, we've included an infrared sensor. This nifty piece of technology acts as a safety sentinel. If anything were to approach from behind the unit – say, a curious pet or an unexpected object – this sensor springs into action. It automatically engages, and the STEPR comes to a halt, keeping you and your surroundings secure.


At STEPR, we're committed to providing you with not just an exceptional workout experience but a safe one too. Our dedication to safety is evident in the thoughtful design and incorporation of these redundant safety features. So, when you step onto your STEPR, you can do so with peace of mind, knowing that we've got you covered, no matter what.

Stay pumped, stay STEPR-strong!

Dan 🏋️‍♂️ Co-founder, STEPR



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