A common question we often receive at STEPR is about the noise level of our stair climbers. Many of you want to know: Just how loud is a STEPR machine during operation? Today, we're here to answer that question with precision and clarity. We've used a decibel meter to compare the noise output of STEPR under various conditions and compared it to everyday household items to give you a better perspective.

Setting the Baseline

To begin, let's establish what we consider a base pace for this test. For consistency, we used a steady pace at level six on the STEPR. We conducted this test at a body weight of 165 lbs and a height of 6 feet, typical dimensions that might resonate with many of our users. Here’s what we found out about our STEPR's noise level at this base pace.

Pushing It to the Peak

Next, we cranked up the intensity to see how loud STEPR gets when pushed to its limits. We set the machine to a peak pace at level 20, the upper end of its capability. This test was crucial for understanding the maximum noise you could expect during the most intense workouts.

Everyday Household Comparisons

To put STEPR's noise levels in context, we compared it to several common household items. This way, you can better understand what the numbers actually mean in a familiar setting:

  • Vitamix Blender: Known for its power and somewhat noisy operation, the blender is a good benchmark for high-intensity appliance noise.

  • Vacuum Cleaner: Often loud, vacuums are a regular part of household life. Comparing STEPR to this can help gauge its relative noise during operation.

  • Hair Dryer: Another common household item known for its loud operation, the hair dryer offers a good comparison for understanding the upper noise levels of household appliances.


Understanding the noise level of your fitness equipment is crucial, especially if you live in an apartment or need to keep noise to a minimum. Our tests show that while STEPR is operational, it compares favorably to several common household appliances, ensuring that you can maintain your fitness routine without significant disturbance.

We hope this analysis helps you understand what to expect from your STEPR machine in terms of noise. For more tips on how to integrate STEPR into your daily routine, check out our other blog posts on the benefits of stair climbing and how to effectively use your STEPR for maximum health benefits.

Keep Stepping

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of STEPR’s noise levels. We're committed to ensuring that your fitness journey is as convenient and manageable as possible. Stay fit, keep stepping, and as always, take the stairs!

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