At STEPR, we're committed to revolutionizing home fitness with innovative technology and user-focused design. Our recent feature by Derek Lunsford, former Mr. Olympia, in his comparison of the STEPR+ with the traditional Stairmaster, is a testament to how well STEPR+ integrates into the rigorous routines of even the most elite athletes. Here's why Derek Lunsford's endorsement is a game-changer for us and what makes STEPR+ the preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts.

STEPR Designed for Optimal Home Use

Unlike traditional bulky gym equipment, the STEPR+ is engineered with the home user in mind. It's compact and sleek, making it an ideal fit for smaller spaces, such as a garage turned home gym. Derek highlighted this aspect, noting the STEPR+'s smaller footprint compared to the traditional Stairmaster. This design philosophy ensures that our users don't have to sacrifice valuable living space to stay fit.



STPER Has Advanced Technological Integration

What sets STEPR+ apart in the fitness industry is our cutting-edge technology. The entire interface of the STEPR+ doubles as a large TV screen, 360º swivel & pivot patented technology, a feature that Derek was quick to praise. This built-in entertainment system allows users to stream their favorite shows, access on-demand fitness classes, or even browse YouTube while they workout. This integration goes beyond mere functionality—it enhances the enjoyment and engagement of your workouts, making them as entertaining as they are intense.

STEPR PRO vs. STEPR Stair climber

The STEPR+ Experience

The traditional Stairmaster offers a basic control panel, which serves its purpose but doesn't cater to the modern fitness enthusiast's desire for connectivity and multimedia access. STEPR+, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive workout experience that keeps you motivated with its vast array of multimedia options. As Derek Lunsford pointed out, this makes workouts on STEPR+ not just a physical challenge but also a fun and immersive experience.

Built for the Fittest



Derek Lunsford's routines demand equipment that can keep up with intense and frequent use. The STEPR+ delivers on this front by offering a robust build quality and a variety of workout programs that challenge even the fittest individuals. From gentle climbs to an intense 125 steps per minute pace, STEPR+ caters to all levels of fitness, providing the same caliber of workout that an elite athlete like Derek would expect.

Conclusion: Why STEPR+ Stands Out

Derek Lunsford's endorsement of STEPR+ highlights its superiority not just in functional design but also in providing a motivational and enjoyable workout experience. At STEPR, we believe that home workouts should be a pleasure, not a chore. STEPR+ is our answer to the modern athlete's call for a home fitness solution that combines space efficiency, technological sophistication, and robust functionality.

For anyone looking to build or upgrade their home gym, STEPR+ represents the pinnacle of home fitness equipment. It's more than just a stair climber; it's a comprehensive fitness system that brings the quality of a professional gym into the comfort and convenience of your home.


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