Looking for a quick and effective way to tone your glutes and get in a great cardio workout? Look no further than the STEPR! The Stairmaster Glute and Cardio Workout is a great way to get both your heart pumping and those booty gains you’ve been looking for. In just 30 minutes, you’ll feel the burn as you work to sculpt your glutes, legs, and abs. With just a few simple steps, you can get started on this awesome workout in no time!

The STEPR is an intense cardio workout that will help you tone up your lower body and build strength. To do this workout, all you need is a STEPR machine and some workout clothes! The basic exercices to do this workout on the Stairmaster are simple:

Warm up - Level 3 (2 min.)

Before you get started on the STEPR, it’s important to warm up your lower body and prep your glutes for the intense workout ahead. The best way to do this is with a quick 2 minute warmup on the Stairmaster. Start by going slowly up 1-2 stairs at a time, until you’ve warmed up your muscles and heart rate. Once you’re ready to start the full workout, step onto the STEPR machine and get ready for a great session!

Kick Backs - Level 3 (1min.)

The Kick Back portion of the STEPR is a great way to tone your glutes and strengthen your lower body. To do the Kick Backs, simply follow these steps:

1. Begin by standing upright on the STEPR with your legs shoulder-width apart.
2. Bend at the knees slightly and bring one leg back, then kick it forward.
3. Repeat this motion for 30 seconds with each leg while stepping.

Fast Stepping - Level 10 (3 min.)

Fast stepping helps you build endurance, tone your legs and glutes, and raise your heart rate so that you can burn more calories in less time! To do fast stepping in the STEPR, all you need to do is set the speed setting to high and step quickly up on the Stairmaster.

Kick Backs - Level 3 (1min.)

Repeat again 1 minute of Kick Backs

Cool down - Level 3 (3 min.)

The cool down is a crucial part of any workout, and it’s no different with the STEPR. To do a proper cool down after your glute and cardio session on the Stairmaster, simply head back to your starting point and step slowly up 1-2 stairs at a time. At this pace, you’ll bring your heart rate down gradually over the course of 5-10 minutes. When you’re finished with the cool down, give yourself a quick stretch to ease any tension that might have built up during your workout.


Full exercice will look like this:

  1. Warm up - Level 3 (2 min.)
  2. Kick Backs - Level 3 (1min.)
  3. Fast Stepping - Level 10 (3 min.)
  4. Kick Backs - Level 3 (1min.)
  5. Cool down - Level 3 (3 min.)

Step up to a new world of cardio

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Combining the latest in connected fitness with an exhilarating workout experience, the STEPR is your next generation stair climber. 

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