We have classified the most common questions about a Stairmaster and provided the answers to each one so you can easily understand the benefits and uses of this popular piece of equipment and understand a few features of what STEPR is offering.

What does the Stepmill target?

The Stairmaster targets the muscles in your legs and glutes, helping to improve their strength and endurance.

Is it better than other forms of cardio equipment?

This is subjective as different types of equipment may be better suited for individual goals and preferences. However, the Stairmaster can provide a challenging and intense workout that can burn a significant amount of calories.

Can the Stairmaster help me burn fat?

As with any form of exercise, using the Stairmaster regularly can contribute to burning fat and promoting weight loss. It's important to also incorporate a healthy diet in conjunction with exercise for optimal results.

Are there on-demand classes available?

As the first world connected Stepmill, STEPR offers on-demand classes that you can access through a screen on the machine. These workouts provide structure and variety to your routine. Also, you will able to connect with your friends.

What does 20 minutes on the StairMaster do?

A 20 minute workout on the Stairmaster can vary depending on the intensity and effort put into it, but it can burn a significant amount of calories and improve muscle strength and endurance in the legs and glutes. Consulting with a trainer or doing research on different workout options can help maximize your time on the Stairmaster.

What pace should I go on a Stepmill?

Your pace on the Stairmaster should ultimately depend on your fitness level and personal preferences. It's important to listen to your body and make sure you're pushing yourself, but not overexerting yourself. Gradually increasing the intensity or speed as you become more comfortable can help improve results.

Why is the StairMaster so effective?

The Stairmaster provides a low-impact, yet intense and effective workout due to the repetitive stepping motion. It targets specific muscles in the legs and glutes, as well as promoting cardiovascular health. Additionally, it can provide variety in a workout routine through adjusting the speed and incline levels.

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