Hey STEPR's, Dan STEPR Co-Founder here 👋 

I wanted to give you a quick update on the presale timeline for STEPR. We've had an amazing response to date with the pre-orders and it's awesome to see how many people STEPR is resonating with.

Rest assured our team has been working hard to bring you the best possible product, and we appreciate your patience and support as we finalize the design and prepare for production.

Here's what you can expect in the coming months:

February: Final Prototype Design and STEPR App UI/UX 

Our team is tweaking the final design of the product, making sure that it meets all of our quality and performance standards. We will also be completing the STEPR App UI/UX which you may have seen if you're following along over on our socials 👉 https://www.instagram.com/getstepr/

March: 'Beta' Sample & Platform Workouts

Once the final prototype design is complete and tested, the factory will begin with the STEPR 'beta' sample which is a key milestone. Coupled with that we'll be deep into the production, filming & testing of the STEPR workouts to ensure when you get your hands on your STEPR there'll be hundreds of workouts waiting for you on the STEPR Platform. 🎥 Check out coach Jenne on our Youtube

April: Testing Beta Sample

Our team will be testing the beta sample extensively to ensure that it meets all of our quality and performance standards. This will involve both internal testing and testing with a group of external beta testers. This is another key milestone as the 'beta' unit is what the factory uses as the source for all STEPR units after this point. We have a industry leading warranty inplace and this will only offer further peace of mind once successful testing is completed.  🔍 See the STEPR Warranty 

May: Mass Production

Once the beta sample testing is successful and completed, we will move into mass production of the product. We will be producing a large number of units to meet demand of the initial pre-orders and prepare for shipping.

Mid / End of June: Shipping

It's worth mentioning that in the near future you will be asked to complete your STEPR deposit into full purchase/payment. The initial STEPR units will ship out to the customers in a first in-first out basis. We anticipate that we will be ready to begin shipping the product in mid to late June. This will be the final stage of the pre-sale process, and we will be working hard to get the product to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We understand that delays can be frustrating, but we believe that this updated timeline will allow us to deliver the best possible product to you! 

Thank you for your continued support and please don't forget to check back here as I'll be offering regular updates. We look forward to making stair climbing mainstream together!

Dan | Co-Founder
One Step at a time

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