When a prestigious publication like Forbes features a product, it doesn’t just highlight the product; it elevates the brand’s status in the industry. For us at STEPR, being recognized by Forbes as 'the best splurge stair climber' is not just an honor; it’s a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here’s why this recognition is so crucial for us and our customers.

Validation of Quality and Performance

Forbes is renowned for its rigorous standards and authoritative content. When they vet and recommend the STEPR Classic and STEPR+, it serves as a powerful endorsement of the quality and performance of our stair climbers. This recognition validates our efforts to develop a top-tier product that stands out in the competitive fitness equipment market. For our existing and potential customers, this acts as a seal of approval from a trusted source, ensuring that their investment is sound and worth.

Enhanced Brand Prestige and Trust

Being featured in Forbes instantly boosts our brand’s prestige. This exposure not only broadens our market reach but also strengthens consumer trust in our products. Forbes' endorsement acts as a powerful marketing tool, enhancing our reputation far beyond our existing customer base. It reassures customers that STEPR is synonymous with excellence and reliability in the fitness industry.

Driving Innovation and Continuous Improvement

This recognition is not just a milestone; it's also a motivator for continuous improvement and innovation. Knowing that STEPR is acknowledged by Forbes drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of what our stair climbers can offer. It encourages us to continue investing in high-tech features, user-friendly designs, and even more personalized workout experiences to stay at the forefront of the fitness equipment industry.


Forbes’ feature on STEPR as the best splurge stair climber is more than just a moment of pride for us—it’s a crucial lever for business growth and brand development. It underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovative products that resonate with fitness enthusiasts across the United States. This recognition not only reinforces the trust and loyalty of our existing customers but also proudly introduces our brand to potential new users who trust Forbes' judgment.

At STEPR, we are inspired to uphold this honor and continue to innovate, ensuring that our stair climbers not only meet but exceed the high expectations that come with such prestigious recognition. Join us on our journey to transform fitness routines and enhance health, one step at a time.

For those interested in the full details and more reviews, check out the Forbes Vetted article on their website. This accolade from a trusted source adds a significant feather in the cap for STEPR, emphasizing its status as a leader in home fitness innovation


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