From the STEPR Team

We hope you enjoy your 'Founding Member'  Gift Pack. Thank You for being an integral and ealry part of the STEPR Community! πŸ™

Hey there, Amazing STEPR Founding Member,

We can't help but do a little happy dance every time we think about the incredible journey we've embarked on together. As the pioneering backers of STEPR, you've been instrumental in shaping the very foundation of our tight-knit STEPR community. We appreciate your patience whilst we make sure you get the best version of the worlds first full connected STEPR!

Your unwavering support has set the stage for all the milestones that await us, and we couldn't be more excited to share this thrilling update with you.

Update, Timeline & Journey Highlights So Far - Because We're in This Together:
March 2022: We unveiled the prototype for the revolutionary STEPR, sparking waves of excitement and anticipation.
July 2022: The gears started turning as we kicked off manufacturing and dived headfirst into developing the STEPR app – a crucial piece of the puzzle.
End of 2022: We lit up the pre-order scene with our first Early-bird Deposits, a moment that truly fueled our momentum.
April 2023: The drumroll, please! We officially opened up pre-orders for the very first batch of STEPR units. Your response was beyond incredible, making us revise our initial inventory expectations to match the soaring demand.
June 2023: The assembly lines roared to life as mass production of STEPR units got underway. It's surreal to see our vision taking tangible shape.
July 2023: The STEPR App stepped onto the stage, ready to make waves, and the first batch of STEPR units embarked on their journey from the manufacturer, heading straight for the USA.
End of August 2023: Our eyes are set on the horizon as the first waves of containers are slated to hit the shores of the USA. The customs and clearance process is all lined up, ensuring a smooth arrival.
Into Our Warehouses: With precision, our STEPR units will soon find their temporary homes in our strategically located US warehouse facilities, gearing up for the grand delivery spectacle.
Mid to Late September 2023: Here comes the grand finale! The countdown begins for the much-awaited moment when the very first STEPR units will waltz their way out to your eagerly waiting hands & into your home!

We are fueled by your excitement and trust, and each step we take is guided by the shared anticipation of the incredible STEPR experience. Our journey thus far has been a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and we can't wait to share the next chapters with you.

Let's keep the momentum rolling – together we step, together we thrive! One Step at a Time.

Warmest regards,
Dan (STEPR Co-Founder) & the entire STEPR Team

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